Smart Tool USA | History
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Learn more on how we came to be...

Smart Tool has been fabricating precision tools, progressive dies and molds for plastic injection as well as precision jigs and fixtures for the medical, automation, and automotive industry in their Costa Rica facility from its inception.


Smart Tool is a privately held company founded by Engineer Esteban Fallas in 2006, originally under the name of Global Precision Solutions (GPS) SA. Later in 2011 the company changed names to what is today, Smart Tool.


Mr. Fallas’ goal was to satisfy a need for quality precision tools, precision molds and progressive dies created in Costa Rica as a large number of worldwide medical equipment manufacturers established manufacturing plants in the country.


As a result of the rapid growth and stronger ties with its customer base, it was necessary for Smart Tool to expand its operations to USA with offices in Miami Florida in 2016.

Ing. Esteban Fallas
President and CEO of Smart Tool